SHARPSIN CLINICAL : Safety Sharps Container

SHARPSIN CLINICAL : An Essential in Needlestick Injuries Prevention

Specially designed for clinical, commercial or institutionnal use.

  • 4.7L Sharps container
  • Essential in injuries prevention for users
  • Comfort and peace of mind: Temporary lock preventing contact with bloodborne pathogens, but still allowing to use the container
  • Maximal capacity indicated by a stop line
  • When full, the container can be locked permanently
  • Strong materials, resisting erosion and perforation




After multiple requests from clinics, stores and institutions, we designed a 4.7L sharps container adapted to their different needs.


SharpsIn: An essential in needlestick injuries prevention

Various sizes of containers are available and adjustable to different needs, but the SHARPSIN Clinical was designed for clinical, commercial or institutionnal use.

To see the SHARPSIN Domestic Use, please click here.


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