Domrex Pharma Flex safety lancet lancette sécuritaire

Depth Adjustable Safety Lancet FLEX

23G and 26G high-quality needle allowing comfort for the patient

  • Safe use (needle is protected before and after)
  • Increased efficiency with the 3 incision depths
  • 23G and 26G high-quality needle allowing comfort for the patient
  • Fast penetration
  • Contact activated ensuring appropriate sampling
  • For blood sugar tests or other in vitro tests
  • Easy to use requiring minimal formation
  • Sterile and latex free



Flex provides 3 different penetration depths within a single device, facilitating a consistent puncture depth and assuring an easier sampling. The ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and prevents the lancet from being reused. This high-quality lancet is contact activated and only requires a minimal formation while still providing comfort and safety.

Simple Design

  • Contact activated design, lancet activates in 1 step
  • Adjustable design provides three different penetration depths within a single device.

User Comfort

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.
  • Easier to hold during the puncture.
  • Minimizing slippage that may occur during product activation.

Contact Activated

  • Activates only when it is positioned and pressed against the skin.
  • Facilitates a consistent puncture depth for easier sampling.
  • Minimizes the possibility of device activation when not in contact with the skin.


  • One-step activation promotes safety with fast, precise, and consistent punctures.
  • Design prevents product from being reused, reducing the possibility of patient,
  • clinician, and/or sample contamination.
  • Automatic retraction of lancet into device avoids the possibility of injury.


  • Different needle sizes for different skin types and applications for each capillary test.

Reorder NumberDescriptionSpecifications
01-1426SteriLance Flex 26G
01-1423SteriLance Flex 23G
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