DROPSAFE Safety Pen Needles

Intended to reduce needlestick injuries when injecting insulin.


  • 100% safety. Needle safely contained behind shield, preventing accidental exposure.
  • Lock-out confirmation. Red stripe appears when needle is locked out.
  • Needle locking system. Needle is automatically locked after use.



  • Gentle touch. Stable sliding shield surface may disperse and
    reduce pressure on the injection site.
  • Comfort of use. Special and unique “in-house” lubrication method – Droplicon™ designed to cause smooth and less painful injection.
  • Hidden Needle. The needle remains hidden from view, which can increase patient comfort.



  • Easy attachment. DropSafe® safety pen needles work with most pen injectors available on the market.
  • Intuitive use. Just twist on, inject and dispose.
  • Needle lengths. Two needle sizes to meet your individual needs (31Gx6mm, 31GX8mm)



  • Needle viewing window. For easy confirmation of drug flow (priming).
  • High quality. Thin wall allows easy & optimal drug delivery.
  • DropSafe® DropSafe safety pen needles has a special wing-shaped design for a comfortable and secure grip.




Dropsafe safety pen needles are easy to use, making them perfect for the professional health care users and non-clinical pen users.




Available in 2 sizes: 31Gx6mm and 31Gx8mm

Dropsafe safety pen needles are sterile, single use needles intended for use with pen injector devices for the injection of drugs. Safety pen needles are intended for professional health care users and non-clinical pen users.

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