DOMREX™ Blood Collection Tube Holders

Domrex Barillet Holders

Blood Collection Tube Holders

The New DOMREX™ Holders : Proudly canadian ?

  • Single Use
  • Sterile
  • Luer Lock
  • Non pyrogenic
  • Protective Cap


The new DOMREX™ blood collection tube holders are specifically designed for one time use, decreasing the risk of contact with bloodborne pathogenic agents, compared to reusable holders.

In addition to being sterile and non-pyrogenic, DOMREX™ holders offer a Luer-Lock device equipped with a protective cap.


«DOMREX™, a Canadian brand that unites ease and efficiency.»


Ordering infos for DOMREX™ holders.

Product codePackaging
BCD01M1 unit/bag

200 units/box

4 boxes/case

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