Clickfine Autoprotect

Safety Pen Needle Clickfine AutoProtect

Enjoy prevention with the innovative locking mechanism.

  • Innovative locking mechanism for protection against needle stick injuries
  • Cannula hidden by blue protection cap for more confidence
  • Special silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort
  • Compatible with all major injection pen brands, available in 5 mm and 8 mm length

We care about your safety

With its innovative and patented locking system, Clickfine AutoProtect minimizes the risk of needle stick injuries.

The Clickfine AutoProtect safety pen needle ensures following characteristics:

  • Contains a fully integrated safety needle mechanism
  • Automatically locks immediately after injection
  • Red lock indicator clearly shows locked stage
  • Visible cannula tip facilitates priming
  • Lock permanently covers needle preventing repeated use




How it works

Order information about Clickfine Autoprotect

SizeProduct codePackaging
31Gx5MM700012628100 units/box
29Gx8MM700012629100 units/box
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