Blood Collection Devices

Blood Collection Equipment: A Necessity for Health Professionals

Domrex Pharma is a leading supplier of quality blood collection materials in North America. We offer a complete range of blood collection needles and barrels as well as blood collection devices.
Our products, such as DOMREX™ Safety Blood Collection Set and single-use DOMREX™ barrels, are designed to ensure safe, efficient, and painless blood collection.
Our blood collection devices, including blood collection sets as well as  blood collection needles and barrels, meet the rigorous demands of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, ensuring optimal performance with every use.

The Advantages of Domrex Pharma’s Blood Collection Devices

Domrex Pharma’s blood collection material is designed to provide an optimal blood collection experience. Our blood collection sets are made from high-quality materials to ensure their durability and strength. In addition, they also exist in a safety version to protect the patient and the medical staff. Our blood collection devices, like the DOMREX™ Safety Blood Collection Set, are also easy to use, offering painless puncture and optimal blood flow.
Whether you are an experienced health professional or just starting out in the field, you will find that our blood test collection material from Domrex Pharma is an excellent and reliable choice. Furthermore, our products are designed to be compatible with all types of collection tubes, offering maximum flexibility to meet your specific needs.Discover our complete range of blood collection materials and also explore our other product categories, including insulin pen needles, needles and syringes, disposable gloves, sharps containers, and safety lancets.