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Clickfine® AutoProtect™ Safety Pen Needle 29G 8mm

Ypsomed‘s patented ”click-on” safety pen needle reduces the risk of accidental needlesticks. Clickfine® AutoProtect™ has been specifically developed for frequent injections performed in care-giving situations (mainly insulin) and for home treatments with an increased risk of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

The safety pen needle also reduces patient anxiety by hiding the needle before and after injection. The locked needle shield is clearly indicated by a red safety bolt which extends over the needle after use.

Clickfine® AutoProtect™ provides off-the-shelf needle safety removing the need for needle safety to be built into cartridge-based monodose injection devices.

Features and benefits

• Patented, innovative needle shield system protects against accidential needles sticks and reduces patient anxiety
• Easy priming and visualisation through the blue needle-shield
• Clear red indicator of locked needle shield after injection
• Slight resistance when pushing back needle shield reduces inadvertent activation
• Early activation of safety mechanism to prevent misuse
• Passive activation mechanism providing tactile and audible feedback to the user
• Thin-wall 29G cannula for cover full range of injection volumes
• Fits all major brands of injection pens
• Swiss Made

Product literature (In PDF format):