Dre Chantal Ducasse

SteriHeel Plus 

Heel Incision Safety Lancet

Newborn ‘Heel Stick’ Screening is a procedure performed to detect certain life-threatening congenital Disorders. A few drops of blood could change a child’s life and their future development. This device is the crucial first step in the process of early detection enabling potential life-saving treatment to be given.

Innovative minisize blade / Fully automatic / High speed / Constant and gentle arc cutting lancing technology

  • Ultra sharp blade with high speed action securing minimal trauma and fast healing.
  • Blade is fully shielded before and after use.
  • Activation button secured by safety catch.
  • Single-use only.
  • Cannot be re-used. 
  • Sterilised by gamma irridiation.
  • Controlled penetration depth.
  • The controlled movement of the blade is designed to optimise blood flow.
  • Primarily newborns and preemies. Can also be recommended for other applications where short penetration depth and/or minimal compression of tissue is important.


  • Trigger and Safety tab lock after use
  • Integrated Safety Tab
  • Anti-Slip Texture
  • Easier alignment
  • One hand on direction convenient operation

DOMREX PHARMA is the exclusive Importer/Distributor of the STERIHEEL PLUS in Canada. Contact us by email, if you are interested in this product.